HexoLab is a web design and development company, based in Hoxton, London. We build websites and applications that look great and give the user a great experience.

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We provide professional web services that can help you achieve your goals. These are some of the services we help you with, if your needs are not mentioned here, then let us know and we can accommodmate.

Web Design

We design websites that work on both desktops and mobile. We strive to achieve a professional and clean look that send the user the right message.

Web Applications

Our apps are build using HTML5 so they work on all phones, hence there is no need to pay extra to get your app supported by another platform.

Mobile Apps

Our apps are build using HTML5 so they work on all phones, hence there is no need to pay extra to get your app supported by another platform.


We can develop an electronic shop so you can take full advantage of your business online. We integrate with major payment gateways for secure transactions.

User Experience

It is very important to provide straight forward site, that takes the user exactly where they need to go. We use a user centric design methodology.

Content Management

The sites we create are very flexible and update-able. We give you the tools to manage your site and add new content easily.
We take an agile approach when it comes to designing websites. We involve you as much as we can to make sure you are happy with the final product. We also test the site with users to optimise their experience.


Finding out exactly what you need, and presenting multiple solutions, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Then, choosing the most effective one.


Our designs start with wire-framing, where we sit with you and try different layouts. Then, we test whether the layout is user friendly and makes sense.

User Experience

We are passionate about involving users in our process. A great site must be usable. We also follow user experience guidelines set by international accessibility organizations


We develop the site using and iterative model, where we create a small part and show it to you. This gives us great feedback and allow us to make changes easily.


There is nothing worse than having a broken website, it shows a lack of professionalism, and will drive visitors away. We make sure that everything works before going live.


We understand that thing change, so you need to keep your site up to date, or adapt to new opportunities. Our systems allow us to add new features or change content very easily.
We use the latest technologies in developing our products. Our stack contains the most popular tools that are robust and supported by many users around the world, this insures quick updates and very secure websites. This is a list of some of the technologies we use.

html5 css3 angularjs jquery php mysql python magento
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